Caring for your jewellery

It is recommended that you take off jewellery pieces when applying makeup, showering, swimming (especially in chlorinated pools), doing strenuous activity and sleeping to ensure the piece stays in perfect condition.  Surfaces and treatments may fade or change over time as you and the jewellery share a life together. 

Sterling silver

Sterling silver will oxidise with time. This is caused by exposure to skin oils, perfumes, chemicals and oxygen and can create a dulling, greying or blackening effect (tarnish). It is recommended that you store your silver pieces in a ziplock bag, seperate from other jewellery pieces, in a cool dry place.

My pieces have all been finished with a brushed satin surface using very fine steel wool. To restore to this finish, use a piece of steel wool in a gentle circular motion and wash in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth before storing. 

Oxidised sterling silver

Oxidised sterling silver changes as it is worn on the body. The blackening effect is essentially rubbed away over time. This is less so for earrings as there is less contact with oils from your skin. I do apply a wax to protect this oxidised finish, however, if you would like your piece re-oxidised I would be more than happy to discuss this with you.